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Technical download for the products of Europe Rubber Seals Dichtungstechnik EU

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All data, advice and information provided by or on behalf of BRS HIGH TECH SEALS LTD & CO. KG , in relation to their products, are based on research and are considered reliable. However, since the BRS HIGH TECH SEALS LTD & CO. KG can not in any way affect the use and application of the same, the same can not assume any responsibility in this regard. The buyer will monitor the quality and all the characteristics of the product and assumes all responsabilta arising out of products and information relating thereto. The BRS HIGH TECH SEALS LTD & CO. KG does not accept any obligation dalia violation of any law in patent, trademark, etc.. owned or operated by third parties that is the result of production, use or sale of products by the buyer. All rights reserved © Copyright by BRS HIGH TECH SEALS LTD & CO. KG . No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means written permission of BRS HIGH TECH SEALS LTD & CO. KG .

If you wish to know more about our prices and our program schedule, please send us your request, together with a drawing and some technical data on the required article, and we will be glad to let you have a non-binding offer.