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This site lists the products of:

  • Elastomers
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Plastomers
  • Fluoridized Plastomers
  • Special seals for butterfly valves

The purpose of this publication is to provide simply stated information on the properties of leading technopolymers and elastomers and to assist users in choosing them.

The high-tech content of these products makes them suitable for use in the industrial field, and wherever seals or customized parts are required.

Their applications are generally in the chemical and petrochemical fields, in the pharmaceutical, motor-car, engineering and precision industry, aeronautical, aerospace, naval, electrical engineering, in electronics, for electric household appliance, heat exchangers, valves, pumps, etc.

If you need more detailed information on the technical characteristics of out products, please got to TECH AREA, where you can find:

--Tables with ownership and key features
--Acronyms of identifications
--Projections graphics
--Material support. (pdf)

If you wish to know more about our prices and our program schedule, please send us your request, together with a drawing and some technical data on the required article, and we will be glad to let you have a non-binding offer.