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General Production Program


› RUBBER division

Compression, injection and transfer-molding of technical articles from customer´s drawings:

  • Gaskets for special applications
  • O-Rings
  • O-Rings for valves
  • "Back up" non-extrusion rings for O-Rings
  • Non-seizing rings
  • Seal rings for rolling shafts
  • Lip seals
  • Collars
  • Caps
  • Lathe-cut washers
  • Parts moulded to design, trimmed and die-cut
  • Pipes
  • Drawn material in rubber, in fluorelastomers and in silicon
  • Shock absorbers in metall-rubber
  • Membranes in rubber, friction and rubber + PTFE
  • Bellows
  • Fairleads
  • Packet gaskets
  • Gaskets for heat exchangers
  • Seal rings for valves
  • Rotors and stators for pumps
  • Compensating joints for the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Articles for oil wells and pipelines

and many other first-class quality products .

Gaskets for the car industry:

  • Gaskets for valve stems
  • Gaskets for cylinder liners
  • Gaskets for oil filters
  • Gaskets for vacum pumps
  • Gaskets for fuel pumps
  • Gaskets for injections pumps
  • Seal gaskets for propeller shafts
  • Gaskets for clutch pumps
  • Lip seals for hubs
  • Gaskets for fuel filters
  • Gaskets for accelerator pumps

and many other first-class quality products .

› PLASTIC division

  • Technical articles by customers drawing moulded in Injection
  • Moulds Construction
  • Plastic pieces

and many other first-class quality products .

All the above articles are made of the most suitable mixtures and according to the sizes required by our customers.

Anyawy we shall be very pleased to meet any other specific request you may have.

All data, advice and information supplied by BRS HIGH TECH SEALS LTD & CO. KG or on behalf of with regard to its products are based on research and considered reliable.However, as BRS HIGH TECH SEALS LTD & CO. KG can in no way influence their use and application, BRS HIGH TECH SEALS LTD & CO. KG cannot be held liable for them to any extent.

The Buyer shall test the quality and all other characteristics of the products and shall take upon himself full responsability for the use of the products and the information relating to them.  

BRS HIGH TECH SEALS LTD & CO. KG rejects any obligation arising from breach of any patent rights, trademark rights, etc. owned or handled by third parties as a result of the production, use or sale of the products by the Buyer.

If you wish to know more about our prices and our program schedule, please send us your request, together with a drawing and some technical data on the required article, and we will be glad to let you have a non-binding offer.